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In a rapidly changing world, those who fail to innovate will be left behind. We have an eye on what entrepreneurs and innovative corporations are doing globally, which helps us bring best practices to startups and shape ecosystems. 


Setup a Startup is providing innovation services for start-ups, helping them grow and scale; universities, connecting research with business and helping to commercialise R&D; corporates, bringing innovation into big organisations ; and governments, helping them build innovation communities and ecosystems nationally and globally.


  • Start-up development program creation and implementation
  • Inspiration and team formation: trainings, hackathons
  • Setup: Idea
  • Startup: growth
  • Scaleup: Expansion
  • Startup ecosystem design, strategy and implementation
  • Business angels community support
  • Mentor network creation and management
  • Business angel networks and other innovation support providers

We provide an appropriate and stable foundation and opportunities to bloom your entrepreneurial ideas by providing the best startup development services. Startups require the best and effective nurturing and support to ensure that they withstand the competition that prevails in the industry. 

We ensure total coverage of your startup requirements with the help of our team comprising of both experienced and innovative minds. Investment, development and international networking of startup support eco-systems players. We also help public and private companies and organizations build innovation ecosystems of national and international scale.


Scaling to the new markets, raising capital, getting clarity on business directions requires practical know-how of the business environment and market conditions. We provide various consulting services to startups, such as business model development, investment attraction strategy, expansion to new markets strategy, financial model, business plan and other services.

The Setup a Startup team and their network of experienced entrepreneurs also offer to consult outside the program.

Get in touch if you are looking for a one-on-one session where you can get access to specific and tailor-made business insights to build, innovate, and grow your startup. 

  • Business development and coaching
  • Preparation for early-stage capital raising and investor relations
  • Fast-growth support: operations management
  • Increasing investment readiness
  • Development of the business plan
  • Development of investor pitch

Large companies and organizations are sometimes slow to adapt to new market trends. We help organizations to bring innovative change to their core business and keep the competitive edge ahead of or with startups. We support public and private clients to run brainstorming workshops, build prototypes and test ideas and customer appetite, build innovation hubs and ecosystems of national and international scale, build and enroll start-up communities, and create own venture capital arms.

  • In-depth analysis of tech, business, VC and other investment trends
  • Assessment of innovation capabilities
  • Development of innovation agenda
  • Creation of innovation radar for identification of current and future trends
  • Facilitation of entrepreneurship, new ideas generation and growth
  • Creation of entrepreneurship culture, process and developing spin-offs
  • Development of non-formal, creative environment of a startup community for own employees
  • Creation of own Venture Capital arm and full-immersion into the startup ecosystem, scouting, selection and management of start-ups that suit the corporation’s needs
  • Identifying digital opportunities
  • Creating digital transformation journey
  • Organization of innovation workshops and hackathons
  • Scouting for relevant start-ups with compatible business model


Support Africa’s Entrepreneurs 

To support Africa’s entrepreneurs by means of mentorship or other means, contact us and we can help facilitate the process. 

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To support Africa’s entrepreneurs by means of mentorship or other means, contact us and we can help facilitate the process.