Podcasts, Webinars & Articles

The goal of the Setup A Startup Media (SAS Media) is to provide quality and insightful content regarding the issues and emerging trends that are relevant to building and inclusive, innovative and interconnected Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem including launching and growing technology businesses. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is through the contributions and feedback from experts’ practitioners and academics.

The SAS Media brings together diverse viewpoints – from academics, entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, companies of all sizes, the public sector, the third sector, and others – to share insights and practical ideas. We do this through our monthly Webinars and Podcasts. We encourage you to share your insights and feedback.

You can contribute to the SAS Media in the following ways:

– Read, listen and comment on past articles, podcasts and webinars

– Review the upcoming themes and tell us what topics you would like to see covered.

– Consider writing an article for a future issue; see the author guidelines and editorial process

for details.

– Recommend colleagues as authors, guest editors & Speakers.

– Give feedback on the website or any other aspect of this publication.

– Sponsor or advertise in the SAS Media.

– Tell a friend or colleague about the SAS Media.

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