ASEB Summit

Year 1: Discover: Understand the needs and importance of entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem

building and ecosystem builders.

We are expecting over 500 startup ecosystem builders to attend and discover the most challenging

issues facing startups and startup ecosystem builders.

Year 2: Design: To design real, tangible steps to work toward solving these challenging issues. We

will spend much of the time in breakout groups discussing way to refine the 7 goals of the Summit

and putting them into action. The breakout sessions will consist of multiple small groups sharing

experiences and resources.

Year 3: Deliver: The Summit will take a shift into implementation, with participants making

commitments to deliver project initiatives that move us closer to achieving the ASEB Goals.


1) To encourage and facilitate the establishment of local startup ecosystems and revitalize the local

economy by examining current practices and identifying the challenges and successful models.

2)  To build capacity on Local Startup Ecosystem for local economies by building strong networks

that enhance collaboration among startups, incubators and accelerators, universities, innovators,

local innovation practitioners and major companies.

3) To generate know-how on re-organizing the local economy as community-based and market-

based that integrates the concerns of profits, environmental sustainability, and revitalization of

recessing local communities.

4) To get Government to develop policies that fosters entrepreneurs

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