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Our Mission is to facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business success that fosters sustainable economic growth across Africa.


African entrepreneurship is central to Africa’s future prosperity. The biggest business opportunities in the coming decade will be created by Africans who start businesses, generate jobs and wealth, and capture growth opportunities. While entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in Africa, entrepreneurs continue to face significant domestic challenges that impede their efforts, including a lack of access to funding, support services, skills training, and infrastructure, as well as policy barriers. This shared belief, and our common view that each of us has a role to play in turning Africa’s challenges into opportunities, have led to Setup A Startup to launch the Investment Readiness Programme (IRP).


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This program brings together in the most comprehensive way yet, the main approaches, templates, tools, and tips you will need to get investment-ready. 

On completion of the programme, you will be able to: 

Understand the fundamentals of investment, providing your leadership team with the confidence to grow and take on risk.
Make sense of your financial needs and investment options and develop a clear strategy for raising capital.
Use a variety of financial modelling techniques to test assumptions, establish viability, and present your case in a rigorous way. 
Navigate the due diligence requirements of investors, building a business case that establishes the financial return you will deliver.
Pitch confidently to investors, with a clear idea of their requirements, and with the knowledge to negotiate the terms of a deal that will work for you.

About our Investment Readiness Programme

A digital platform that connects entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. A platform that takes upcoming entrepreneurs, startup enthusiast, startups and entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurial journey from idea generation to validation, building an MVP to Investment ready.

Each of our lessons offer the practical knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to master a topic. You can dive deep into one lesson bundle or take a series of bundles over several subjects that will provide all the foundational knowledge needed to develop a successful enterprise. Our interactive, video-based training programs are completed online at the pace, location, and time of your choosing. You learn with a global community of entrepreneurs and mentor and can ask questions and get feedback at any time. If you want to develop your skills and build your enterprise as part of an incredibly supportive online community, our programs are for you.


Our Investment Readiness program is designed especially for Startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, social enterprises, mission-led businesses, and nonprofits. 

Are you ready to take your enterprise to the next level? Unsure of where to turn for the right investment? Confused by the terminology that investors use and their requirements? Uncertain about the implications and risks of taking on investment? Look no further, this is the program for you. If you belong to one of the following groups, this program will likely be the perfect fit. 


Perhaps you are starting or building your social enterprise and need an injection of capital to move forward. You can use the program to learn about everything you will need to do to find and secure investment or take courses to learn about things as you need them. With our mentors you can get all your questions answered.


like Incubators, accelerators, Institutions, Universities, hubs: You can use our e-learning package as your step-by-step guide to unlocking investment opportunities for your business and that of the entrepreneurs you support. Further customized coaching, training, and consulting services are also available on request from Setup A Startup. 


With our digital platform, we can easily connect you with investor readiness deals according to your interest, whether that is by sector, stage or company location. We have also partnered with Investment Networks as we look at connecting more startups for an opportunity to pitch their business.


LESSON 1: Idea Generation and Validation

Wow successful ideas are those that solve problems and appeal to a suitable market.

LESSON 2: The Founding Team

What skills and traits make for a good founder, and how you should go about choosing a co-founder.

LESSON 3: Creating an MVP

The best process to follow to save time and money in getting your product out to market.

LESSON 4: Establishing a Brand Identity

How to go about forming and building a brand beyond a logo.

LESSON 5: Formalising Your Business

Get your business registered and be taken seriously by complying with local business law and tax regulations.

LESSON 6: Presenting Your Startup

Learn how to present your business case to the various stakeholders you encounter.

LESSON 7: Basics of Startup Finance

Make sure you have your numbers in check with an understanding of financial statements.

LESSON 8: Growing a Team

Know what it means to take on employees, and what needs to be done to avoid any pitfalls you may experience while growing your startup team.

LESSON 9: Building Business Networks

Make the time you spend networking worthwhile by ensuring it is purposeful and well-intended.

LESSON 10: Implementing a Marketing Plan

Identify the best way of communicating with your audience and ensuring that your marketing efforts are making a difference.

LESSON 11: Establishing a Sales Pipeline

Understand the various stages of your customer’s journey and how your sales process can be refined to increase conversion.

LESSON 12: Investment Readiness

Learn what is involved in the investment process so that you can get your startup investment ready


From the program you can: Get the full e-learning bundle, which includes unlimited access to all 12 online courses, together with exclusive downloadable templates and worksheets, plus an array of relevant examples, reading and further resources. 

Deepen your learning experience through an intensive, forum-based training where you will learn among a supportive group of peers, and then gain a report on successful completion of the online courses and submission of an applied program assignment.



We provide various consulting services to startups.

Technical and Financial Assistance

Technical assistance to startups may take the form of business, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills development.


We support public and private clients to run brainstorming workshops, build prototypes and test ideas.

MSMEs Development and Access to Markets

Setup A Startup works with the entire value chain to connect local enterprises and build their capacity.

Emerging Technologies

Setup A Startup supports the development of emerging technologies and innovative startups in numerous industries.

Education and Culture

Development of entrepreneurial minds occurs from the bottom up.

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