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We are a community for founders, startups, mentors, investors, and ecosystem leaders. We are curious about the future, and we want to disrupt the status quo with technology that can change the world. Our focus is connecting and supporting startup ecosystem builders across Africa and the entrepreneurs they serve.

Our Mission is to facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business success that fosters sustainable economic growth across Africa. We do this through a range of thoughtfully curated events, programmes, network, and content.




Setup a Startup is the place that shares ideas, experience, and networks to help others connect, learn, and grow. We celebrate success and learn from failure. A community that wants to help the African startups flourish. We are passionate about helping African entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive. Whether you are a founder starting out, an established CEO, a mentor, an investor or ecosystem builder – we encourage you to join our community.

With the rapid development of new technology, local and rural regions in Africa are undergoing major structural changes as the economy shifts from manufacturing to services and are struggling to meet the demands of the constantly changing competitive business environment. 

The innovation and startup ecosystem is established by three assets: physical assets, networking assets and economic assets. 

The Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit will provide the local economy
with networking assets to construct the local innovation ecosystem across Africa, aims to encourage interaction, stimulate further innovation, help develop specialised services such as digitalisation, and build capacity on designing, marketing and branding to support startups based in local areas, and encourage cross-industry partnerships, collaboration and inclusion.

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From an operational perspective, the IRP is a web and mobile application – accessible via Internet connected laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The solution is designed to support the various stakeholders that operate within Africa’s early stage, startup sector; namely the startups, mentors and advisors, service providers and investors.

Startups that join the community, and enrol in the Investment Readiness Programme, gain access to the content: 12 comprehensive lessons that cover each stage of the startup journey from idea generation to gaining traction and being ready to take on investment.

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